What Is the Fastest Import Vehicle in the United States?

Most people who want to own an imported European vehicle want to do so for one of two reasons—they want the prestige of owning a coveted European car and/or they envy the performance in which foreign car manufacturers excel — in either case, the faster the car, the better! Here are the fastest vehicles imported to the U.S. that are road legal in our country.


Bugattis are the fastest cars on the market globally, but the versions you’ll be able to get imported to the U.S. are not going to be as fast as what is allowed in Europe. However, that does mean that you can get one of these babies that is actually street legal in most of America.


You normally think of Mercedes as a luxury vehicle, but this manufacturer has some of the fastest models on the market. Their speed increases with every new year.


Everyone knows that Porsche has long offered the fastest, sleekest, highest performance luxury vehicle on the market and one of the most wanted in America. You can get older models of this vehicle in the U.S. now as well.

Ready to get an import vehicle of your own? You’ll need a reliable mechanic who is trained in your European or German make and model as well as certified by the manufacturer. Contact us today for more information or to schedule your appointment.

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