The 3 Most Anticipated European Autos of 2021

Are you in the market for a new European vehicle? Whether you’re adding to your existing collection or replacing an older vehicle, you can’t go wrong with one of these highly anticipated European automobiles of 2021. 

You’ll notice something right away about these three models—they are all owned by the Volkswagen Group. They offer options and features for nearly every budget. Here are three of the most anticipated European vehicles for the American market in 2021.

Volkswagen Atlas

This isn’t a new model for 2021, but this standard SUV is getting a few upgrades for the new year. Notably, the vehicle can now be equipped with all wheel drive. It remains one of the best SUVs that, even though a European brand, is made in the U.S.

Volkswagen Golf

This model has been available in Europe for years. But in 2021, it is coming to the U.S. Although the manufacturer still hasn’t released details about exactly what models will be available in America, we do know that the GTi and Golf R models will be available.

Volkswagen ID3

This all-electric vehicle is going to be one of the most watched models on the market in America for the upcoming year. Electric vehicles are getting a huge makeover and marketing position by many brands both foreign and domestic. Volkswagen is hoping to get its corner of the more affordable but value driven market with the ID3.

Are you wondering what might be involved in the maintenance of these vehicles? Contact us today if we can answer any questions and help you make a decision about which European vehicle is right for you.

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