Surprising Ways Rodents Can Damage Your Import Vehicle

There are several issues that can arise with your import vehicle if you leave it in a garage most of the time. If you treat your import vehicle as a luxury vehicle used only for pleasurable scenic drives or road trips, it might spend an awful lot of time sitting unused. This can cause several issues, but the one we want to talk about today is rodents.

Rodents can get into your vehicle at any time. Even people who run their cars on a daily basis can encounter rodents in their vehicle. But when your car sits for long periods of time, you might not even notice a problem until the infestation is advanced. 

Mice, rats, and other small creatures like squirrels and possums can damage your vehicle through chewing, nesting, and leaving behind waste. 

The first signs you will notice of a rodent infestation include:

  • Droppings
  • Unusual smells
  • Strange sounds
  • Broken connections
  • Torn interior upholstery, leather, or carpet

The most common places for mice and other rodents to chew can cause issues with different systems, including:

  • Electrical system, as wires are chewed through
  • Holes in hoses and lines, which can cause hazardous leaks
  • Destroyed interior, from chewing on plastic panels and components

Rodents will also nest in your vehicle, especially if it doesn’t run often. The most common places for rodents to nest in your import car include:

  • Under the hood
  • In your engine compartment
  • In Blower motors
  • In the center console
  • Under the seats
  • In the trunk
  • In air conditioning ducts

If you have any signs of rodents in your vehicle, you need to first eliminate them. You can set out different kinds of traps, or you can contact an exterminator. After the rodents are gone and your car has had a thorough cleaning, bring it in to us for a thorough inspection to detect and repair any damage done.

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