Top Vehicles You Can Import in 2020

Did you know that you can buy a whole host of foreign vehicles in 2020? The Vehicle Safety Compliance Act requires that vehicles imported from other countries must be at least 25 years old. This year, that includes vehicles from 1995, which opens up some new and interesting possibilities for importing cars in 2020. Here are the top models being imported this year.

Mercedes-Benz Special Edition SL Mille Miglia

The R129 generation of the two-seater Mercedes-Benz convertible didn’t really have a high performance option — or did it? In 1995 the company created a special edition to celebrate the victory of Mille Miglia 40 years prior. The vehicle has many performance features, but there were only 600 made in Europe and none in the US.

Toyota Mega Cruiser

Seriously, if you want to do some major off-roading, you can’t do better than to import a 1995 Toyota Mega Cruiser. This vehicle is bigger than an American-made Hummer, and it has a lot more power, a bigger wheel base, and higher performance parts. There isn’t a sport utility vehicle that can beat it for off-road performance and speed.

Porsche 911 GT2

If you have some money to spend, the Porsche 911 GT2 is now available for import. There were only just over a hundred of these vehicles made in Europe and none in the U.S. They originally sold for almost $200,000 and now go at auction for a million or more, but this is one of the highest performance, fastest, most luxurious foreign sports cars of eras gone by.

If you are importing one of these or another vehicle from Europe, the UK, or Asia, you’ll need a mechanic that can order parts and make repairs. As experts in import vehicles, we maintain a knowledge base of available foreign vehicles so that we can work on any vehicle you bring into our shop.

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