Are you hearing clunking or squeaking when going over speed bumps? Is there play in your steering wheel? Does your power steering system have a leak or make a whining noise when turning?

If your check engine light is on don’t delay and take your down down where our trained professionals can diagnose and solve the problem. Delaying fixing a check engine light can lead to an escalation of problems, damages, and cost of repair.


Our certified auto technicians have had the opportunity to diagnose, repair, rebuild, and replace hundreds of axles and hubs


We offer several differential and driveline services from aftermarket upgrades to diagnostics

Battery Services

We use the best original equipment style battery on the market for your vehicle 

Charging System Services

When it comes to charging systems services, testing, and diagnostics, our certified auto technicians are Snohomish county’s experts

Electrical Control Unit (ECU)

We have trained professionals capable of taking on your vehicle’s needs including working with its electrical systems and its ECU

Whether you’ve got a noisy exhaust leak, a rusted-through exhaust pipe, a hole in your muffler, or a blown out exhaust gasket, the experts at Z Sport Euro are here to help. Need a catalytic converter replaced?

At Z Sport Euro we believe the most important aspect of owning a vehicle is keeping it running with regular maintenance. We Provide many such services including:
  • Oil Changes
    • Oil​
    • Oil Filters
  • Fluids
    • Transmission
    • Power steering
    • Antifreeze
    • Window cleaner fluid
  • Tune-ups
    • Spark Plugs
    • Fuel Filter
    • Air Filter






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