Whether you’ve got a noisy exhaust leak, a rusted-through exhaust pipe, a hole in your muffler, or a blown out exhaust gasket, the experts at Z Sport Euro are here to help. Did you fail emissions recently? Need a catalytic converter replaced? Fear not, Z Sport Euro is an Everett, WA Emissions-certified shop.

Emissions Services

Z Sport Euro is an emissions-certified auto shop. If you have had an emissions failure, Z Sport Euro’s emissions-certified technicians are more than qualified to diagnose the cause. Whether your vehicle failed due to the check engine light being on, too many hydrovehiclebons coming from the tailpipe, or any other reason, we are here to help. On 1996 or newer vehicles, the check engine light must be off, not just cleared with a code reader from your local auto parts store. After the emissions failure has been diagnosed, we will provide you estimates for the needed repairs to address the issues pertaining the emissions failure.






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