Where to Show Off Your Classic Foreign Car This Fall

Most European car owners love to show off their vehicles at car shows and other hobby sites. Unfortunately, the pandemic has most of those events shut down for the year, and you probably didn’t get your usual year full of long drives and car shows nationwide. 

Well, you may not be able to enjoy hours or days of talking to other people who share your interest in high performance machinery, but you can still show off your car in other ways. Here are some great ways that you can show off your car while social distancing.

Visit a friend

Most car enthusiasts have at least one friend who is also into imported cars. Visit that friend while social distancing. You can talk from a distance while you sit in your car in the driveway, and you can show each other all of the repairs and upgrades done since your last visit with each other.

Gather a few friends together.

Most of the state is still allowing small gatherings of 10 or fewer. There is no reason that several people in the community can’t meet up at a local park or other open space to show off their cars and visit without breaking any rules.

Drive it everywhere.

Most people don’t drive their European car everywhere or every day, but these are unusual circumstances. You have the car because you love it. Why shouldn’t you enjoy it? Of course, if you haven’t had it serviced or driven much in a while, you should have it inspected and make any repairs or maintenance required. If you need such service, contact us today for an appointment.

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