Hiring a Specialized Mechanic Vs. Going to a Dealership for Repairs

When you first bought your import auto, you were probably told that you needed to get all of your repairs at the dealership. While it is true that import vehicles are different than domestic, there are many mechanics available who are certified in these vehicles, even though they don’t work for the brand or dealership.

Routine Maintenance

The only time you might want to consider going to the dealership mechanic is to get routine maintenance. Some dealerships offer oil changes and other routine maintenance at their shop free of charge for the duration of your warranty. However, dealerships still can’t require that they do the work. They should have some import mechanics that are able to perform this maintenance instead.

Warranty Myths

Were you told that you have to get your car repaired at the dealership to keep the warranty intact? If so, you were misinformed. Federal law prohibits any car dealer or manufacturer to require your repairs be done at their shop. They are not allowed to void your warranty for getting repairs somewhere else. It doesn’t matter if the mechanic holds a certification for that make or model or not.

You Still Want to Be Careful

Even though using another mechanic won’t void your warranty, you still need to make sure that you choose a mechanic certified in your specific make and model. This will ensure that your vehicle operates at top performance and you will avoid more expensive repairs in the future. A certified mechanic will know everything about your car and  be experienced in its repair. Without that certification, you have no idea whether your repairs were done correctly or not.

If you have an import vehicle that needs maintenance or repairs, contact us today to schedule an appointment with our knowledgeable, experienced, certified mechanics.

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